Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silver Belle, anyone?

Hello! I'm excited to be a new member of this KAL. Right now I'm choosing yarn for the Vogue 25th Anniversary covers pattern called Silver Belle. It's a lovely empire line cardigan with a shaped color and peplum. Given my "jones" for cables, this project will surely give me more than enough satisfactory use of my cable hook!

The yarns I'm considering are: Patons's Merino, Jo Sharp DK worsted, Tahki Donegal Tweed. I think the Tweed may be a bit too rough for the design, am leaning toward the Jo Sharp yarn, as it's perfectly wonderful to use and offers a refined surface that would showcase the fancy stitches beautifully.

I'll be posting photos as things get going. In the meantime, stay warm and keep those needles flying!

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